What We Do

We design and custom make apparel (coats, vests, shawls), rugs, and craft items. Everything we offer is individually handcrafted by us.

Our custom apparel is uniquely designed for comfort, versatility and durability as well as great looks. We make Southwester long coats, Oh, My! jackets, EveryWear jacket-vests (our original signature product), and Love That Shawl! wraps. You have the option of choosing your own fabric from a wide variety of Pendleton wools, fine wool blends, cottons, designer tapestries, chamois, fleece and denims; we measure and make it to fit YOU.

Our hand crocheted "4x4" rugs rival the finest hand-braided rugs in beauty, quality and durability -- they are also washable, size permitting -- and have a latex coating on the back for non-skid safety. We use 4 strands of 4-ply yarn (no fillers) to achieve both graduated shading and effective contrast, and we will make one in the precise color scheme, size and shape needed for your decor.

We invite you to check out our products, and see what makes Solarado Specialties special!

Our Promise

You will never be "stuck" with anything you buy from Solarado Specialties. If any aspect is not what you hoped, no matter why, we will cheerfully fix it, replace it, or refund it. Period.

'Oh, My!' jacket in Taos Autumn wool blend fabric 'Solarado Southwester' coat in Oregon Trail black/white reversible Pendleton wool 'Love That Shawl!' in Adirondack reversible Pendleton lightweight wool
'EveryWear' jacket-vest in Stampede tapestry 'Oh, My!' jackets in Rock Art and Turtle Mountain reversible Pendleton wool 'EveryWear' jacket-vest
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