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"Southwester" Long Coats

The basic Southwester is our rendition of a classic favorite, in mid-calf length with divided back for ease of walking. Deep hand pockets, adjustable cuff turn-up. Most are reversible (depending on fabric). Pendleton and wool blend fabrics should be dry cleaned; other fabrics are washable (specific instructions come with each article).

Prices: All prices shown on Rack Stock items are firm and will not be incresed. Payment for Rack Stock items are check or money order only. Sales tax is included in the pricing where applicable.
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3d-1b Hopi Cowboy Coat
3d-3b Rainbird
3d-4 Wasatch
3d-5 Chief Joseph
3d-6 Taos Summer
3d-8 Tehachapi
3d-9 Warrior Son
3d-10 Sierra Star





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