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           DENIM & TWILL

All-cotton prints. Rugged and durable, yet so pretty you would never guess it's denim! Excellent for Jackets and Vests, lined with soft, lightweight "doe suede" fabric. Wash cold.

All Solarado Specialties are individually, hand-crafted with various fabrics available for your custom-made coat or vest.
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      DENIM & TWILL: All-cotton prints. Rugged and durable. Wash cold.


Paisley Blue
Arapaho Winter

SantaFe Trail 1

Santa Fe Trail 2


The display of denim & twill below is only intended to give the viewer a general idea of the wide array of solid color yardage still in stock, either for use when ordering apparel or for ordering fabric yardage for their own use. (Colors range from lavender to purple, blue to navy, gray to black, green to turquoise, reds, grays, etc.)

For all questions and orders, contact us via email, fitesolarado@gmail.com, or phone 970-323-6721.


Item #: 2e-2a

Item #: 2e-2b

Item #: 2e-2c

Item #: 2e-2d

Item #: 2e-2e

Item #: 2e-2f

Item #: 2e-2g

Item #: 2e-2h

Item #: 2e-2i

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Item #: 2e-2k



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