"4x4" Handmade Rugs…

Hand-crocheted by Judy Fite, using 4 strands of 4-ply acrylic yarn (no fillers*), with beautifully blended colors. (We use 100% yarn, with no fillers, because the hard- cord filler actually rubs against and wears out the surrounding yarn, like putting sandpaper between your sock and your shoe!) Latex-coated back, for non-skid safety. Machine washable (size permitting).

These rugs are exceptionally long-wearing; the ones Judy made for her sink-stove-cabinet work area in the kitchen are still functional and beautiful after 15 years of hard use. May be ordered in the specific size and color combination(s) you need to match your décor. (You can supply photos, fabric samples, wallpaper swatches or paint chips to guide the blending of colors.)

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on small rugs, longer for larger sizes. (A room-size rug may take a few months!) Price is approximately $10 per nominal square foot, with a surcharge of $10-$50 on sizes larger than 25 sq. ft. Shipping is extra on rugs, based on actual weight.

As an example, for a 3x5 ft. rug (15 sq. ft.) the price would be $150, plus $15 for packaging and shipping, for a total of $165. For an 8 ft. round rug (50 sq. ft.), the price would be $500 plus a size surcharge of $25 plus approx. $30 for shipping, for a total estimated cost of $205.

Contact us for specific price and delivery information. See How To Order for specific ordering information.



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